Use Medicines Wisely for Children

All the more reasons to use medicines wisely for children.


“Most medicine intended for children, including many over-the counter products, haven’t been clinically studied in children.”, Dianne Murphy, M.D., Director of FDA’s Office of Pediatric Therapeutics

The note from FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), is worth reading. You can find HTML version of it here: FDA Medicines For Children, and a PDF version here.

So, what should we keep in mind when giving medicines to children?

Giving Medicines to Children
Some of the important summary points parents need to consider while using medicines:

  1. Always start by reading the Drug Label. Completely!
  2. Make sure that the medicine is appropriate for your child’s age.
  3. Weigh the benefit of treating the child’s symptoms against the risk of any adverse affects of the medicines.

    For eg. Common Cold runs its own course. Giving cold medicines do not treat the problem. Know that children can have dif­ferent adverse reactions to a drug than adults.

  4. Discuss with/ask your doctor before giving medicine to the child.
  5. Know the active ingredient in a medicine, so that you do not end up overdosing your child by giving him/her different medicines with the same active ingredient.

    Active Ingredient is the chemical compound that causes the medicine to be effective against the disease or condition.

  6. Take the medicine exactly as stated on the label or as directed by your doctor.

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