Story of Pen!

We are very glad to share link of our first in-house produced animation video, ‘Story of Pen’, promoting wise use of Antibiotics amongst common public.

In India, the problem of Antibiotic resistance is compounded with various factors like easy availability of prescriptions drugs without a prescription, misuse by end consumers who do not have an awareness of whether to use it or not, how it can cause harm, what constitutes a rational/wise of Antibiotics etc.

This video, which is in the form of a story – from the perspective of an Antibiotic, giving it human like form and feelings – describes what has happened because of misuse and how we humans can still act and save the powers of the life-saving drugs. It’s time to move ahead of blame games on how Antibiotics were misused, to how we can use them wisely now!

If you like the video, please practice & share the learnings with others and share the video with your friends and family members.

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