Presenting a teaser of the upcoming short film, Love Thy Microbes, which is a public education initiative of ours, in taking science to community, and educating the masses about importance of microbes in our daily life.

We wish to thank all those unknown people on the streets of Namma Bengaluru, who volunteered to be interviewed and helped us create this fun teaser 🙂 If you see some recognisable faces, do share it with them, before they forget about us ?

Antibiotic Resistance and YOU!

Antibiotic Resistance and YOU!We are glad to announce a FREE public awareness event in Bangalore, on 19th March, 2016, on the growing problem of Antibiotic Resistance, with a special focus on the scenario in India.

As part of our I’M Wise Campaign, The Aashritha Foundation, in association with the MCB Society of IISc, would be screening an International Documentary film, Resistance, followed by a Panel Discussion. The event is sponsored by Rotary Club of Platinum City, Bangalore.

The event is meant for anyone who has ever Or never used an Antibiotic!

The event would provide a platform where experts involved in antibiotics discovery, diagnosis of antibiotic resistant infectious diseases, prescription and consumption; will come together to discuss with the common public about why Antibiotic Resistance affects all of us. It aims to give common public a glimpse into the ground realities of Antibiotic Resistance problem existing globally and in India, and how we can collectively move together, to use these mainstay of modern medical practice, wisely and rationally.

Please note: the event is FREE, but seating is limited. Kindly use the registration link to register for the same. Registration can be done at venue too on 19th March, 2016, from 3:30 pm – 4 pm, provided there are seats available.

More details about the event can be found here.

Prevention is better than cure – fun based experimental classes for kids!

Children are extremely susceptible to infections and receive a significant proportion of antibiotics prescribed each year.

Prevention is better than cure and it can play an important role in bringing about a more rational use of antibiotics. This was the initial impetus to start with our fun based experimental classes for kids, in association with Jigyasa Productions. The main objective was to raise awareness for hygiene and good healthy habits amongst the children.

However, the classes went beyond the main concept. We took the children into the vast world of microbes, made them see our friendly microbes and also realize how they can turn into foes, if we don’t take proper precautions.

We made them ask questions about daily life, planned experiments along with them to solve the mysteries behind. As it is said – “Seeing is believing” – and yes, it really worked with children when they saw the mysteries unfold in front of their eyes!

It also gave them a glimpse of how scientists work as detectives solving different kinds of mysteries, and helped generate a scientific attitude and a scientific temperament!

Here are some glimpses of the same, which was done in 2 batches, as we look forward to more some exciting classes in near future! Don’t forget to watch a small video, at the bottom!

Looking into the microscope

Looking into the microscope

Children looking into the microscope to see various types of soil bacteria

Looking into the microscope

Looking into the microscope

Children looking into the microscope to see various bacteria that reside on us

Had a good laugh

Had a good laugh

Thankfully no one slept, as we had a good laugh, often!


Kids smiling: A joke or a funny reality!


Kids amused at a microbial story


The marching antibiotics and the bacterial musical chair - good and bad ones


Tiny-tiny microbes!


Taking yogurt sample to make a slide


Preparing a slide to be viewed under microscope


Heat fixation of bacteria


Yes, I see them as rods and wow! chains of circles!


Showing petridishes and other materials, as they solve the case


Labeling the petridish before starting


Demonstrating how to transfer bacteria from a swab to medium


Dipping a sterile swab in sterile water


One of the kids transferring bacteria from a swab to medium


One of the kids transferring bacteria from a swab to medium


Slate used as blackboard


The balloon experiment - one of the most exciting experiments!