Our Actions

We use different ways to raise awareness about rational medicine use and promoting an integrative approach to a healthy life.

The current focus of I’M WISE campaign is on “Promoting rational use of antibiotics“.

WHO has mentioned: “No action today no cure tomorrow”.1World Health Day – 7 April 2011We are on the verge of entering a pre-antibiotic era. Are we ready for it? Can we take some action to help reduce the growing antibiotic resistance problem?

  • Fun based educational classes for children: Prevention is better than cure. The fun based classes for kids has a main objective to raise awareness for hygiene and good healthy habits amongst them.
  • Providing low cost generic medicines to the poor: We are in the process of collaborating with NGOs serving the urban poor and suppliers of low cost generic medicines.
  • Promoting use of traditional medicines for acute and mild infections: We are in the process of working in a collaborative model with institutions working on traditional remedies to be able to create more awareness amongst the consumers and to provide solutions.

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