We at Aashritha, intend to undertake both:

  • Primary Research: in the form of collecting data through surveys from consumers on the patterns of medicine use, their relationship with their doctors, the pattern of procuring medicines etc
  • Secondary Research: in the form of summary, collation, and synthesis of existing research/published papers, data from various sources on efficacy of medicines, risks associated with taking medicines etc.

We shall strive to disseminate information and its research findings through Campaigns, Workshops, Publications, Seminars, Print and Social media.

First Project

As our first project, we are undertaking a first-of- its kind survey to understand the use of Antibiotics from Indian consumer’s perspective, which could potentially serve as baseline data for future studies and actions focused on promoting rational Antibiotic use.

The survey can be accessed by using this link (I’M Wise Survey)

The survey would give an insight into various aspects of Antibiotics with respect to consumers:

  1. Awareness level of consumers on their efficacy
  2. The use – rational or irrational – of them
  3. The reasons for irrational use, if any
  4. Prevalence of improper procurement
  5. Identify segments of people who are most likely to procure or use them irrationally
  6. Awareness level of consumers about Antibiotic resistance and side effects of irrational use