What You Can Do

Use Medicines Wisely!

Every person is a change maker, and so you can be! Small things, require small beginnings, and to begin with, you can start with your self.

We spend days researching on the car we want to buy, the home we want to stay in, the interiors that we want to be in the house, the restaurant we want to dine in, the clothes we want to wear, the shoes we want to purchase or the breakfast cereals that we would use.

But what about the medicines we use? We often take them for granted and rarely try to question what medicine we are taking, whats in it and why are we taking it?

Using medicines wisely is asking questions about the medicines to get the right information and take the right decisions. No medicine is completely safe. Associated with the benefits of each medicine are the risks/side effects.

Some of the easiest and first steps you can take in your endeavor to use medicines wisely include:

  • Ask Why you need the medicine being prescribed and how it is going to help you?
  • Ask How to use the medicine correctly?
  • Read through the medicine leaflet that generally comes with the medicines.
  • Ask your doctor for possible side effects.
  • If you receive written instructions that just list side effects that could occur, ask for more information. You need to know how to recognize the early symptoms of common side effects and how to manage side effects that may be annoying but are minor. You also need to know when you should contact your doctor because of a side effect.
  • Try not to adjust your medicine or skip doses without discussing this with your doctor.

Spread A Word

If you believe our work is meaningful to the society, you can do so many things! You can:

    • Help us reach out to more people.
    • Help us get connected to like minded people who are doing similar work or could potentially collaborate with us.
    • If not already taken the survey, please take the survey (opens in a new tab/window) to get us more data about the usage pattern of Antibiotics.
    • Tell your friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, about how they can be wise too and what actions they can take.
    • Tell us your personal battles of dealing with antibiotic resistance/adverse events associated with the use of any medicines.

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